BorderCollie Bros (bordercolliebrs) wrote,
BorderCollie Bros

Oh, Boss is definitely back! Yesterday, we herded the old, beat up little sofa that we've never used from the Studio into the back of Forrest NissanPickup. It was on top of a bunch of empty feed bags, which MrsBoss also wanted to go away. Then Boss told me to 'Load up' and I looked at him like really?

So I got to help Boss herd Forrest and that load over to the Dump. The Dump is a place full of interesting scents and stuff. There's even dogs there, although I've never seen them. If the wind is right, I've scented them sometimes, and I've heard them. Boss knows about them too, and he's told me I won't need to go where they are while he's alive.

Anyway, we dropped off the old, beat up sofa, and then we put the feed bags in the Re Cycle place. Boss got a bit upset with me because I wanted to be right next to him; he says that makes it harder to herd Forrest or Sydney and that's not a good thing when either of them are making the trees and things run past us. Then I found that if I lay down on the seat, I can put my head on his leg and that's OK. It's really important. Boss was gone a long time this time, and we need to be together a lot.

I thought we were going back to the Ranch, but we turned toward Willis Town. This is really cool, because it means we are going to get feed for the Ranch Critters. But it was also kind of a bother, because I needed to 'go', you know? But Boss is smart, and he got my message, and Forrest stopped making things run past us and we got out and I marked a whole bunch of spots. Lots of growliebeasts were running by us but Boss kept us away from the highway.

Then we bought feed and hay, and went back to the Ranch. Boss herded one bale of hay out for teh Horses, and then we herded the cow feed into their barrels (and gave some to them too). And last we herded some more goat feed for the Mamma Goats and Kids, and gave them the other bale of hay. Those Mamma Goats are really sensitive about me being around them right now.

Squrrl was a bit angry 'cause he didn't get to go for a ride, but he went Walkabout with Boss when we got back, and then so did Smudge. After his walkabout with Boss, Squrrl ate his dinner from last night. He'd saved it so it would be spicier with ants. Sometimes I do that too.

What a great day. Boss is Back!

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