It Is a Whelping Day!

Today is ichthyus Whelping Day! Happy Whelping Day, eh!

It is a very wet day. There were Sky Grumblers during the night, and Boss kept me safe from them in his Bubble of Kewl. We made a short Rounds during a lull in the rain this morning after the Sky Grumblers lost my scent. Now Boss and I are back in the Office den and this is good. MrsBoss is thinking about doing her Market night, but the rain is likely to continue so I don't know.

What Is This New Years? Today Is Mostly Like Any Other

All the humans are moving slow, and I don't care because Boss is still home and it is an unexpected BossStaysHomeDay! Well, Boss isn't moving slow, just others. I think the moving slow is something to do with last night.

I didn't like it much, because SkyGrumblers, even without rain. Stayed really close to Boss after he got home from GoesAwayDay, that was good. Stayed really close sometimes.

Today is a Whelping Day for slimfred! Squrrl always remembered whelping days better, and Smudge really liked the Otterz. I miss my brothers, sometimes.

We've got lots of new baby goats, though, so there's things to do to keep me busy with Boss. Plus a little while ago MrsBoss got a new growliebeast tractor we call Littlejon Deere. Boss offered me to ride on Littlejon a couple times, but tractor growliebeasts are one-person rides so I just follow along whereever we go when we are doing things with Littlejon. His breath smells really funny/different when he starts growling, not like Sydney SubaurOutback or Forrest NissanPickup or Harrison FordTractor. Boss says that's cause Littlejon eats diesel.

I checked, though, and the place where Diesel the Cat is in his forever bed isn't disturbed, so I don't think Littlejon ate Diesel.

I Found the Opossum!

Squrrl: The Dirty Yard Birds do not like when anyone other than MrsBoss or Boss comes and takes their eggs. Like, sometimes they don't even want MrsBoss to take them, but that's the way it is here. Because they are our Dirty Yard Birds and we watch over them and MrsBoss sells the extra eggs and we get to eat the rest. Except when MrsBoss lets the Broody Hens hatch out the eggs for more Dirty Yard Birds.

Houdini: And an Opossum kept coming around and looking for those eggs. Mostly he didn't find any because MrsBoss or Boss already picked them up, but he kept coming by.

Squrrl: Yeah, and Houdini and I would bark the Alarm! Alarm! and like Boss would come out and shine the light around. But he never saw that Opossum because it would hide.

Houdini: He heard it one night when he came out to see from my Alarm! Alarm! Didn't see it though in the brush.

Squrrl: Yeah. And like today, I found the Opossum! I found it! Brazen stupid Opossum went to sleep under the end of the Ramp up to our very own back deck! And Boss came over because I was all I'm gonna get that Opossum and tried to pry up the ramp board and to dig it out from the side and Boss told me to stop but I wanted that Egg Thieving Opposum.

Houdini: Then MrsBoss brought Boss his funny shaped brown belt, and put us on our leads an took us to the other side of the house. I'm glad she did because then there was a Big Thunder right there close.

Squrrl: And then Boss came from the back of the house with Brazen Stupid Egg Thieving DEAD Opossum. Ha! No more Egg Thieving by him.
And Boss and MrsBoss told me I am a Good Dog.
But I didn't like the Big Thunder either.